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The Telecom Story - Resources We have Gathered

The story of telecommunications in America is an ever evolving one. We are doing what we can to provide information we find interesting. We recognize we are a little one sided in our perception. You may also want to visit the "Muni Open Access" pages to learn more about what OHIvey is doing about the state of American Telecom.

History of Telecom

We have always found that a historical context can help one understand the nature of the industry. We have produced this timeline to help put public open access fiber to the premises in context.

Some Interesting Videos

Here are some of our favorite industry videos. Some of these are just for fun. Others are very informative.

A Telecom Technology Primer

Helpful Links

These links have helped us grow our understanding of municipal open access fiber to the premises.

Selected Works

Open access fiber to the premises is not a simple concept. These writings have helped define what it means and evaluate its impact.

Terms and Acronyms

The telecommunications world is filled with specialized terms and acronyms. This glossary may help with some of the definitions needed to understand the concept of open access fiber to the premises within the greater context of the general telecommunications world.

21st Century Municipal Telecommunications
Own your future.
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