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Live Oak Group

Live Oak Group

The Live Oak Group provides a purchased collateral model to guarantee funding. Fiber to the premises projects can be expensive and risky. Live Oak provides a purchased collateral model that can provide lenders with the confidence they need to support the project. Using the Life Settlement Contracts Live Oak prefers as purchased collateral, Live Oak can provide collateral to support a loan or support partially self liquidating models.

Live Oak Group

Mid-State Consultants

Mid-State Consultants have been engineering telecommunications networks for nearly 40 years. They have a wealth of experience with RUS polices and with our FTTP design guidelines.


SLS Solutions

SLS Solutions is the winner of the prestigious Special Applications in GIS award for the prototype of the system OHIvey uses as our outside plant system of record.

Tetra Tech Construction Services

Tetra Tech Construction Services' motto is "Complex world; clear solutions." They are able to bring to bear significant resources to fulfill the promis of clear solutions in the complex world of telecommunications overbuild.

Unlocked Communications

Unlocked Communications is a strategic marketing and communications consulting firm dedicated to helping companies assess, develop, and leverage their communications capabilities to meet strategic business goals and objectives.

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